This 2017 Cadillac ATS V received XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS on the hood, bumper,
carbon fiber lip, carbon fiber fins, and side mirrors. The XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS film avoids
damage against rocks, bug acids, salt, bird droppings, and other environmental factors. The film
is designed with a self-healing top coat that will provide the self-healing process and eliminate
swirl marks and other fine scratches. All you need is a little bit of warmth and the healing
process will begin. It will perform as an invisible shield at all times, so your car is protected no
matter what.
At Tinting Motors, we have certified XPEL installers with over 15 years of experience.
Our task is to perform a full preparation step in applying clear bra to the paint of the Jeep
Wrangler. Being that most car dealerships store vehicles for weeks and sometimes even months
outdoors under unclear weather conditions that can cause damage along the paint such as water
spots, permanent stains, & light scratches. Preparation is key to a great performance!
Before we begin with the installation process, the Cadillac ATS V was bathed with a
citrus-based hyper wash. Once cleaned, it went under a clay bar preparation stage along with a
paint correction installment. Then a standard polish is applied to the vehicle, in order to remove
any defects and light scratches the paint might have. The preparation process is important in
order to make sure that the film could bond to the vehicle for a better long-term result.
The whole process takes about two days in order to ensure the greatest quality is provided
for you. The first day involves the preparation process and then the next day the application of
the film is done. After the whole process is complete your vehicle is guaranteed the best
protection. Plus XPEL gives each customer a 10-year warranty with the film because we stand
behind our products.
After 15 plus years of experience, we can assure our customer satisfaction! At Tinting
Motors, we have certified XPEL factory trained persona guaranteeing the job is done right to
your vehicle and you!

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